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Vibrant Vital Water® is dedicated to revitalizing, renewing, and
preserving earth's most precious and vital resource; "Water".

Gaia's Fountain
Gaia’s Fountain is a beautiful drinking water fountain that generates highly energized, Micro-clustered “Living Water” that we call Vibrant Vital Water®! Built of the finest materials, it utilizes and combines a matrix of different energies and frequencies to create a powerful, energizing effect!
The fountain vortexes the water, creating a healing and aesthetic effect in the room in which it is placed.
spacergaia fountain gaia fountain  gaia fountain

Watch our 'Gaia’s Fountain' videos below.

gaia fountain
Gaia's Fountain - I
Gaia's Fountain - II
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Artesia's patented technology is designed to revitalize water on any scale by oxygenating, energizing and altering
the molecular structure of the water! The systems are versatile and practical, due to their many functions and applications.

Artesia installation at the New Earth Center in Austin, Texas.
New Earth Center

Watch our 'Artesia: Liquid Light' videos below.

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Liquid Light - I

Liquid Light - II
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Energized Drinking Water Fountain:
Gaia's Fountain

Water Revitalization -
Restructured Water Technology

10 percent of all sales go to the 'Project Clean Ocean'.

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